Is Your Thyroid Running Slowly?

The thyroid gland regulates your body’s metabolism, and therefore plays a very large role in your health, energy and weight gain / body fat levels!


Your thyroid may be under-functioning (hypothyroidism) for a multitude of reasons. Typical symptoms include: fatigue, depression, stiffness, hair loss, susceptibility to feeling cold, low energy first thing in the morning, mental health changes, muscle cramps, easy bruising, gastrointestinal problems such as often painful constipation.


Though not as common, your thyroid can also be over-functioning (hyperthyroidism). Typical symptoms include: weight loss; irregular heart beat / palpitations; weakness, nausea and vomiting, infertility, over-activity, nervousness, anxiety, irritability.


Thyroid conditions are more common in females than in males, but nevertheless can be seen in both genders, and in people of all ages.


hypothyroidAs with any disruption to our wellbeing, the sensible course of action is:

  • to work out whether or not your thyroid is causing your problems, as symptoms can be closely related to other conditions.
  • work out what the root cause of its dysfunction is.
  • address the problem.

This is the functional medicine approach.


A whole multitude of factors can have an influence on your TSH, T4 and T3 (which can all be tested to get more of a direct picture regarding the state of your thyroid health). Feeding status, use of HRT, use of oral contraceptives, genetics, adrenal function, medications, illness, and nutrient status can all have a profound effect.


To add complexity to an already complicated topic, elevations in thyroid antibodies can also lead to problems: what we may call autoimmune thyroid dysfunction.


So as you can see, thyroid health can get quite complex. By no means do all of us have a form of thyroid dysfunction. In fact, it’s more rare than people are led to believe. However, I’m sure most of us experience (or have experienced) one or more of the symptoms described above, so being able to differentiate between what might be thyroid dysfunction and what might be something else is very important.


It’s the role of the functional medicine practitioner to look for the “why” behind your problems, and to formulate the “what to do” plan, within the scope of their practice.



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Jack Galloway

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