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Mariam Before AfterBody and life transformations are run from our private personal training studio, located in South-West London.

Our Personal Training Packages go far beyond average ‘pay per session’ arrangements at your local gym.

Our programmes are results driven. This means that the priority is not based on how many times we get you through the door in a week, but instead…

What is the most effective and quickest way to get you from where you are now to where you want to be?

This includes:

  • nutritional consultancy and nutrition plans
  • constant results-monitoring and advanced progress-tracking tools, including BioSignature modulation (and body-fat analysis)
  • lifestyle recommendations
  • supplementation recommendations
  • bespoke programme design
  • functional medicine analysis


What kind of transformation do you need?

Fat Loss

Fat Loss transformation programmes are suited to the individual who struggles with their weight, and the weight-loss resistant – who simply cannot seem to lose body fat, regardless of what they do.Alex-results Usually, in these cases, there is an underlying issue – preventing body composition changes. It’s therefore important to find out exactly what is preventing weight loss whether it be behavioural, hormonal or psychological. We then move on to correct the problems, and introduce healthy habits to invoke body composition changes. Alongside these nutritional changes, your customized workout programme will help melt down the body fat. Normally, this is conducted in a step-by-step fashion, so is not to make the process too overwhelming.

Muscle Building

Muscle Building transformation programmes are suited to the guy or (in some circumstances) girl who wants to add some impressive muscle mass to their frame – perhaps in a specific area e.g. shoulders / back.max-results An intelligent approach that yield impressive results will not ruin the frames of naturally lean individuals by allowing them to ‘bulk’.

The approach we take will absolutely not include an over-consumption of junk food in order to cram in the calories. These ‘see-food-eat-food’ approaches typically turn skinny guys into skinny-fat guys, and leads to insulin resistance instead of the desired muscle gains. Our approach is more structured and controlled.

Advanced strength and hypertrophy programmes are used in conjunction with a diet high in essential macronutrients and micronutrients, to maximize muscle growth and minimize fat storage. You may even simultaneously lose body fat whilst on a muscle building programme, with an intelligently structured plan of action. By optimizing hormones, and taking advantage of insulin sensitivity, the strategic nutritional approach of this programme will be sure to increase muscle mass and general size/strength.

Body Recomposition

This is probably the most popular transformation package option.ML-week1week10 It is suited to the individual who is not necessarily ‘overweight’. Instead their physique is a bit, well… nothing! That’s to say: not necessarily in bad shape, but just unimpressive. The skinny-fat frame is the physique many people tend to start out with. This is where you are flabby but also relatively small in size/stature.

It is also perhaps the most daunting transformation journey, because you need to move in two directions in order to improve your physique: 1) increasing lean body mass and 2) losing fat.

This is what we call body recomposition. It requires a careful approach, but is certainly possible. You CAN increase muscle mass and get leaner during the same training phase.

How the Process Works

A constant emphasis should be placed on the individual nature of everyone’s journey and their training toward a better physique and optimal health. However, a typical structure is generally adhered to. And there are elements almost universal to all fitness / body transformation processes.

Initially, we gather all the information needed to draw a profile on you: who you are; your history; your medical history; where you are now; where you want to get to, etc. If any immediate issues stand out, we may need to make use of subsequent questionnaires and/or make new suggestions to “dig deeper”.

On Day 1, the needed assessments will be conducted.

Tony HIf more is needed, such as specific lab tests, this will all be discussed. Further to this, all the necessary fitness / movement assessments will also be conducted, as well as the first consultation in which we will establish a starting point to build upon.

This is also where the PT-client friendship and trust will find its roots too. Once the process has thoroughly gained momentum, you will receive your personalized nutrition / training programmes (including your own customized PDF reports and cook-book). From here on in, the results begin to come.

Q: How do we make sure of this?

A: By consistently tracking progress, through the use of: measurements; picture diaries; BioSignature check-ups; food diary records; frequent check-up consultations; and amending your programming as and when necessary.

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Jack Galloway

Jack Galloway is a pioneer of health within the context of the 21st century, specialising in holistic health programmes and body transformation programmes. He has an extensive skill base in nutrition, exercise physiology and functional medicine, and has helped hundreds of clients transform their health and physiques.
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