Jack Galloway

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Jack Galloway BA(Hons) PgDip CISSN is a London-based clinical nutritionist, health pioneer, personal trainer and transformation coach.

He uses a functional medicine approach to help his clients. This means looking at every aspect of the person and the complexity of their biological individuality to design programmes.

Jack offers programmes and packages to suit his broad range of clientele: from chronic illness and hormonal imbalances all the way to full body and lifestyle transformations.

Jack’s professional background

After starting a personal training business, and having received my undergraduate degree from the University of Manchester, I attended one of Charles Poliquin’s BioSignature courses which first introduced me to the concepts of functional medicine and how it can be applied to athletic populations. I then went on to study take a number of sports and clinical nutrition courses, including the Precision Nutrition Certification – a masters level nutritional coaching course run by Dr John Berardi – and qualified as a Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) under the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

My second degree was in Nutritional Therapy (at the University of Westminster), and I currently travel abroad 3-4 times per year to attend certification courses and seminars I feel will benefit my clientele: most notable of which are the events run by the Institute for Functional Medicine within the USA. See more about the IFM here functionalmedicine.org

I also frequently attend CE medical conferences in order to widen my knowledge of treatments and therapies that may help us, as practitioners, pioneer new concepts based on the latest research and advances in health, performance and nutrition. Over the next decade, I intend to become affiliated with as many open-minded and caring doctors and committed personal trainers as I can, in order to advance the health and wellness of our population, and bridge the distinct gap that exists between ‘medicine’ and ‘health’.

Jack’s opinion on 21st century healthcare:

I truly believe that nutritional therapists, MDs, dieticians, personal trainers, nurses and all other practitioners should not be working against each other in competition for ‘business’. We should be working with each other for the benefit of the people we’re trying to help. 

It is not a case of ‘conventional’ vs ‘alternative’. It’s a case of “what is best for this person?”

This is why I have no problem working alongside other practitioners / doctors for the benefit of my clients, and have no reservations when it comes to referring my clients to professionals who may be better verse in a specific therapy or area of treatment than I have. I also frequently work with personal trainers and nutritional therapists, as a consultant for the benefit of their own clients. A collaborative approach is often needed, and there is nothing wrong with that.

In the health and wellness industry, there is no time for egos!

There must be a willingness to help share experiences and expertise with each other, help each other, and educated each other in pursuit of the ultimate goal: getting people fit, strong and most important of all, healthy!