GLUTEN INTOLERANCE – A genuine problem or total nonsense?

Gluten intoleranceThere is a trend among a great deal of personal trainers and health coaches over the past year or so, who are almost “pro-gluten” in their thinking toward bread, pasta, and gluten-containing grains.


I think part of the reason is sort of in backlash toward how intense and cult-ish the paleo / low-carb movement became a couple of years ago. Seemingly anything that had carbohydrates in it was evil, and anything that had gluten in it was absolute heresy.

In any case, lots of people are taking the stance that UNLESS you have celiac disease, gluten is fine.

In other words, celiac = ‘black’, everything else = ‘white’, but ‘grey’ doesn’t exist.

But this is far too simplistic!

In fact, Jimmy Kimmel did a little piece on his show about gluten, which despite being very funny, did demonstrate an absolute ignorance toward how damaging gluten can be.

It is funny, though! So I’ve posted it here.

Now look … I understand the desire to weed out the quacky practitioners and trainers who pretend that gluten removal will solve poverty, create sunshine, rainbows and fix everything in the universe … which is obviously not the case.

I for one think it’s very important not to make people stress about having to “eliminate” foods unnecessarily, because it can place psychological stress and social restrictions on them… so with this in mind, I understand why gluten-restriction has been questioned.

BUT PLEASE PLEASE let’s not claim that non-gluten celiac disease (aka gluten sensitivity) isn’t real, and make fun of the people who claim to “feel better” without gluten in their life. 

Gluten sensitivity is real, as indicated by:

  1. clinician experiences
  2. patient reports
  3. lab tests from the more advanced gluten-testing labs (i.e. Cyrex Labs)
  4. the emerging body of evidence, which is increasing


If you’re interested in getting yourself tested for gluten-sensitivity, get in contact for a FREE TALK WITH JACK and we can discuss.

Jack Galloway

Jack Galloway

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