Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who could benefit from working with Jack?


Whether or not you are suffering from a chronic illness or you are just feeling ‘not quite like I used to feel’, a functional medicine approach to your health through lifestyle and nutrition is effective. My particular areas of interest are hormonal imbalances, stress and fatigue, mental health, methylation and chronic complex health cases.


Coming from a background in personal training (specialising in fat loss and body composition) prior to my functional medicine education, I still work with a range of clients with a prime focus on fat loss, muscle gain, and sports performance – including male fitness models and female fitness competitors, who often need every edge they can get to their training and nutrition.

There is a growing awareness in the fitness industry that success in any programme – whether it be fat loss, muscle gain or strength – does not occur in the same way for every person. This can be due to a number of reasons, from anything ranging from something as complex as hormonal imbalances to something as simple as inadequate protein intake. It’s my job to work out what’s holding you back from the results you want / or if you’re already getting good results, as many are, what edge can we give you to make those ‘good’ results ‘fantastic’ results?

This takes a physiologically individualized approach.

Q: What is the difference between the ‘Premium’ and ‘Standard’ package?

In terms of service, the two are identical.

The difference is that lab testing is not included in the ‘standard’ package and in the case that a need for testing is warranted, they may be recommended (and would need to be paid for separately).

The Premium Package allocates a budget to the most commonly needed and useful tests to get an idea of your genetics and current biochemical balance.

Q: Functional Medicine… Jack, does that mean you’re a doctor?

Absolutely not.

I can (and do) work with medical doctors, when necessary. I work closely with doctors well versed in functional medicine.

If your case starts to go beyond the scope of my practice, I may advise referring you to the appropriate expert, and in some circumstances may need to communicate with your GP. I work with various medical professionals, with whom I have a good relationship with and can work with for the benefit of my clients (should the need arise).

I also have a thorough understanding of physiology, pharmaceuticals, human health and nutrition. However, my role in your health is in nutritional, ‘nutraceutical’ and lifestyle intervention to balance your body’s biochemistry (but not as a primary care physician).

Q: Where are you located?

See contact page for info on locations.

You can also work with me via Skype / phone calls, if it proves hard to visit me in person.

Q: Will there be other unknown costs? And will I need to take supplements forever?

As far as the consultancy rates go, what you see is what you get, and included to the consultation rate are all the added components (see above).

That said, functional lab tests are not included in the regular consultancy fee.

In the case that any lab tests are be recommended, I will endeavor to advise you which tests you may be able to run through your GP first (and thus omit paying money independently). I will also be considerate of your financial situation, continue to inform you that you are not obligated to run any of the tests I recommend, and you can rest assured that we will never run tests needlessly. With any suggestions I make, there will be a clear goal in mind, and we will not ‘test for the sake of testing’.

Please note you are able to opt for the 3-6 month PREMIUM PACKAGE which does included a testing budget (in the onset) and thus these tests will be included.

But for regular consultancy fees, tests will need to be paid for independently through the labs I suggest. It is a very straight forward process on your part!

Supplementation protocols, based on your consultation (and lab results), are also not covered within the consultation fee.

However, as with testing suggestions, I tend to recommend a ‘food and lifestyle first’ approach. This doesn’t mean supplementation won’t be recommended.

Indeed, in some cases, extensive individualized supplementation protocols are warranted. But the idea is not to have you take a shopping bag full of supplements for the rest of your life, but instead to balance your physiology with short-term and medium-term supplementation strategies until you get to the point that you are able to maintain your health and performance through minimal supplementation or perhaps even a ‘food only’ approach.

The reality is that most people can benefit from some sort of long-term supplementation strategy. But as with everything, it is very much individual and not necessary for everyone. Some will require more supplements than others. Even then, you are in no way obligated into supplementation! The choice remains with you.

Q: How can I arrange to speak with you?

Please email me at or give me a call on 020 8876 6404.

Before I can see new clients for the initial consultation, you must fill out my initial client questionnaire in full detail.