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Below you’re going to see an application with a few questions to fill out. It’s very important that you be as detailed as possible when answering the questions because taking a functional medicine approach to training requires a little more info then your average diet. The benefit though is the results you’re going to get come quick and are exponentially greater in the long run.

The reason for this application is two fold, first the necessity of the information as I said above. The second is I don’t work with everybody, in fact I’m pretty selective about who I work with. You see for the right person my program is the best out there hands down. As a weightloss expert that’s helped hundreds of men and women in the UK, I have found a system that works every time. At this point I’m looking for dedicated individuals who are committed to changing their life and finally losing that weight and changing their health forever.

People who are dedicated and hard working but just haven’t found the correct program for them. You will need to be prepared to commit to a minimum 3 month investment to not only change your body but also learn what it is your body needs to keep the results going and that’s where the magic lies and what sets my program apart from anyone else around.

My philosophy is not about drastic measures for rapid fat loss, yes you will see results but you also have to be prepared to commit to changing your mindset so that you can achieve results which are sustainable in the long term. If you want a quick fix or something extreme this is not for you, there are plenty of people out there willing to take your money for that, I’m not one of them. If you’re shopping around for the cheapest program out there, this is not for you. If you’re not ready to commit, this is not for you.
However, if you’re the person that’s fed up with not getting results. That person who knows they can do it with the right coach. The person who is ready to actually change their life and not just waste more of their time then you are my ideal client and I want you in my program.

Applying for a call does not guarantee you a place in my program, the call is to help you understand where things are going wrong and if we’re a good fit to work together. The questions are very simple and straightforward, I just need to know a little more about you before I can determine if you’d be a good fit for my program. It shouldn’t take you long at all to complete them.

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