9 Reasons Red Wine Rocks – Part 2

For the first five reasons red wine rocks, and its many health benefits, see part 1.

6. It is relatively low in alcohol, and sugar, compared to other alcoholic drinks

This is beneficial not only for your health, putting far less stress on your liver, but also for your body-composition too – obviously. In contrast, it’s hard for a beer drinker / spirit+mixer drinker to stay in shape, unless their genetics are absolutely fantastic. You know what I mean. Everyone knows at least one guy who is absolutely ripped despite the fact he does little, if any training, and eats McDonalds all day … Do you sense how much I resent those people?!

7. Red wine can serve as a healthy alternative to many other unhealthy, destructive alcoholic drinks

With red wine, you actually have a way to have fun and stay lean/strong. It’s all about health AND happiness. Enjoy both on a social occasion or night out, by drinking a glass of red and not a pint of cider … yuck!

8. It inhibits the aromatase enzyme

Research has shown that some of red wine’s phytochemicals actually prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen (via the aromatase enzyme). Not only will this make us look better (girls: think smaller thighs. men: no more man boobs!), but it will reduce your likelihood of developing an estrogen dependent cancer e.g. breast, uterine, prostate.

9. It contains more beneficial antioxidants and phytonutrients than one even cares to pronounce, let alone learn about!

Here are a few more that haven’t already been mentioned:

  • Quercetin
  • Catechins (also rich in green tea)
  • Saponins (which reduce oxidation of our ‘bad’ cholesterol – HDL – and possess anti-aging effects.


Hopefully now you can understand how healthy, beneficial, and generally EPIC red wine is, on so many levels: health, body composition, badass-ness (?? badassery…?? … I’ll figure out a better phrase for next time.)


To finish, it’s worth mentioning there has been come conflicting research with regard to women and their intake of red wine, some research having shown a link with cancer, even when drunk in small amounts.

Uh oh! Bad news? Hmmm, maybe – but there seems to be a bigger picture here … Firstly, the increased chance is minute. Secondly, it’s entirely negated when the women’s folate levels are adequate (which it should be anyway if you’re eating enough leafy green vegetables).


It boils down to common sense really. Red wine has numerous health properties, and even if you’re a woman, provided you are eating a healthy diet, red wine should only help you, not harm you. As well as this, we have to remember it is still alcohol and that whilst it’s the least bad choice if we’re enjoying ourselves on the odd social occasion, the beneficial effects have been shown to be totally negated when we exceed 375ml.


In a nutshell, this all translates to:

  • Be sensible.
  • Wine is a great alcoholic beverage of choice.
  • Moderate wine consumption comes with certain health benefits, which may be negated with heavy consumption.



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Jack Galloway

Jack Galloway

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