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  • Transform your body

  • Look aesthetically awesome!

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  • Address your health issues

  • Feel good all the time!

  • Disease prevention

  • Functional nutrition + lifestyle

About Jack Galloway

Jack Galloway specialises in Body Transformation, and also runs bespoke Health Programmes. He uses the functional medicine approach to help his clients with clinical nutrition, lifestyle and fitness, all of which are integrated into his programmes.


No two people have the same history and physiology (‘human settings’). So no two individuals will ever be treated the same way.

Jack’s practice relies on using the functional medicine model to help you achieve the best possible outcomes with your health concerns, whilst also rebalancing your life.

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Fat Loss


Emphasis must be placed on the individual nature of everyone?s journey. Jack has worked with clients ranging from professional athletes, to housewives, to those suffering from chronic health degeneration. His speciality areas are in body transformation and matching your fat-loss goals with your long-term health and the life you want to be living.
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Personal Training

This is where results happen!
Most popular programmes include:

Fat Loss    |    Total Body Re-composition    |    Lean Gains